About us

Based in the South of France, with over 20 years of experience of tourism and event experience, research, site inspection, we have travelled extensively and kept along our voyage abroad and nationally places you will enjoy. We do save your time on administration, logistic, reservation, leaving only the enjoyment for you.

Why travel with us ?

We understand your culture, your desires and explain you the French culture in order for you to  enjoy  and learn from your travel

We speak French, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Japanese, Arabic and will be your interpretator all along your trip in a place where English is not spoken everywhere.

Our Dream Team

“…dedicated, passionate, experienced …”

The team is made up of highly skilled, dedicated, experienced and above all passionate professionals who work hand in hand with you to create your personalised tour or event.

We strive to produce each and every tour and event with the utmost flexibility, creativity, energy, and dedication while upholding quality of service, standards and reliability.

We believe in building strong and lasting business partners and have established many relationships with reputable vendors from around the world to ensure the best goods and services are always offered to clients at the most competitive rates.