Our colorful spring destinations

Artistic spring


Come and discover Giverny, The flowery city which inspired Claude Monet! . Colored garden of blooming plants: tulips, peonies or iris. The landscape is coming out of a painting of Monet:  the ponds with nenuphars, willow trees, and glycine bridge, take you in a relaxing place and scents.

Perfumed spring


The world’s capital of perfume means flowery landscapes ! Come see and smell these fragrant flowers : roses, jasmins, mimosas or lavenders. Discover in Grasse Grasse fragrances of the South of France, from flowery terraces to fields.

It’s in this traditional provençal city with orange and yellow houses that the great perfumeries were born. Fragonard, Galimard for instance have settled there. The quality of the soil and the mild climate make for ideal flower growing.

Why not take advantage of the spring season to create your own perfume?

Colored Spring


Why not put colour in our lives with dye plants ? It’s possible in Lauris Castle ! 

Its garden, conservator of dye plants, has 250 plants with colouring properties. Unique in Europe, you can discover these plants, its colours and origins through a botanical course, then learn how to create a thousand and one colours during the introductory workshops on natural dyeing, alone or in groups.

Spring with milder temperatures is best to enjoy Lauris and this workshop!

Spring in the plate


Finally, let’s discover the spring in your plate… in Toulouse.

In Toulouse, the violet has been grown since the 19th century. They were used to make bouquets exported throughout the world, then the election of Miss Violette and the creation of her perfume made her an emblem of Toulouse.

Today, the violet’s house in Toulouse, became a brand. It offers many products with violets, from liqueur, syrup to sweets and chocolate. Something to delight our taste buds!

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