A gustative and cultural trip throughout France


  • Duration : 15 days
  • Our favorite : Specialities of Britanny
  • Inclusion : Transport with private driver, gasoline, parkings, tolls/Booking, coordination, accompaniment/Mini-van equipped with wheelchair ramp on request.
  • Supplements : Meals for participants, entrance tickets to museums/sites/monuments with paid access/shows/activities, overnight stay in charming accommodation, equivalent to 3*/4*/5* depending on your budget
  • Price : 120 € TTC per person x 8 per day x 20
  • Disponibility :On request, all year round
  • Languages : French – English – Cantonese – Mandarin – Korean – Spanish – German – Italian – Arabic – Indonesian – Japanese. Other languages, please contact us.



Delight your taste buds, experience 13 regions’ specialities of France with various origins and inspirations.

The gourmet meal in France is worldwide famous for its gastronomic richness, and was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2010. The history of gastronomy began with the gallic and their cult of “good eating and drinking”. But the art of cooking and feast expanded in the Middle Age with feasts allowing one to watch a show and eat great food and so to demonstrate one’s wealth and prestige. The meal was eaten by hand (eating utensils did not exist yet). The French style service and great French cuisine reach their culmination during Louis XIV reign, when meals became more structured with starter, main course and dessert.The first restaurant was created by Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau who however was neither a cook nor a gastronome. He was an economist and saw the opportunity  in this idea to abolish privileges  of the old regime and make it accessible to all. He engraved the biblical phrase in Latin on his storefront: “Come to me, those whose stomachs ache, and I will restore you”. But at the time, the “restaurant” surprisingly designated the dish rather than the place.

Finally, in the 20th century, many chefs develop culinary art, like Auguste Escoffier, pioneer of modern gastronomy in France, or Paul Bocuse, who brought to light the chef profession and French gastronomy internationally.